Why you may seek counselling:

You may seek counselling because of one or more difficulties listed on any counselling directory. These may include:

  • the impact of a sudden life changing event on you (E.g. illness, bereavement, accident, career obstacle, bullying, abuse, relocation, job loss, new baby, retirement, etc.)

  • recent or longstanding difficulties with one or more of the following: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, sexuality, loneliness, phobias, anger, difficult and/or abusive relationships, work, health, family history, etc.

  • dependency or reliance on substances, exercise, food, alcohol, gambling, etc. 

  • obsessive compulsions perhaps with gambling, house cleaning, busy-ness, hygiene, exercise, eating, personal security,tidiness, control, etc.

  • ill ease or stagnation in a relationship, job, social setting, geographic area, etc.

  • feeling out of sorts and struggling with self-worth and regard in one or more professional or personal relationships

  • any one or more of the above issues affecting another family member or friend and therefore impacting on you. 

You may feel hesitant about counselling.  Maybe:

  • you did not find it helpful before?

  • you see it as an unaffordable luxury, not an essential necessity?

  • you find it extremely hard to tune in to how you feel and/or share how you feel with another person?

  • you consider counselling to be a last resort when all else fails - what if it doesn't work?

  • you think it is too much, that it will take too long  and/or that it is too late?


A counsellor will recognise difficulties and barriers you feel and assist you to explore such common concerns.  It is never- ever- ever too late to work on any difficulty; you will be surprised at how well your problems are recognised and understood;  and,  surely the new dawn that is the rest of your life merits this investment.  




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